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Where Is South Africa Heading?

This new nation, South Africa, has amazing potential. However, whenever you open the newspapers or switch the television or radio on, you cannot help but notice that all these media are replete with stories of gloom. The nation appears to be heading towards despondency, even self-destruct. There does not seem to be the required encompassing solution or prospects of a turnaround.

Irrespective of what direction one faces, there does not seem to be any respite. When one looks at the economic landscape, which is characterized by growing unemployment, one notices crime and poverty; then there is the incidence of non-delivery protests accompanied by the destruction of public amenities.

Looking at the social scene, one notices young people, the future of this Nation, of all races getting involved in a variety of anti-social behavior and debilitating habits, such as drug and alcohol abuse, and heading to their graves at an early age. Those that remain are increasingly populating the prisons. Politically, there is confusion, leading to uncertainty and a shaky future.

Such turmoil poses a threat not only to economic stability and social cohesion but to our hatching democracy, and therefore peace and prosperity. The phenomenon of the killing of Police officers is a shocking one indeed, as it seriously threatens safety and security, further pushing away peace and prosperity.

Industry and commerce cannot operate well in this atmosphere, a condition that discourages the injection of investment and tourism.

Corruption is heightening both in government and in business, setting a stage for a culture characteristic of banana republics. As this situation festers and becomes acceptable as the culture of living, it will even be more difficult to root it out, depressing the quality of our economic, political and social life even further. Saying “Proudly South African” will easily become a joke in the future if this menacing development proceeds uninterrupted.

There is hope, however. A solution does exist, has been tested and is incredibly straightforward, producing indisputably positive results and is sustainable.  In the areas where this solution has been applied over the last 22 years or so, the results have been quite striking. There is compelling evidence that remains consistent over these years, demonstrating the efficacy of the programme.

Based on this evidence, the Soultalk Vision Power solution can confidently be described as the ULTIMATE SOLUTION.

The Vision Power Multipurpose Centre is, together with the Department of Arts and culture, in the forefront driving this campaign. Soultalk Vision Power has the mandate to roll out what has been successfully taking place in some clusters of our society, including parents, teachers, learners, entrepreneurs, prisoners and mixed groups of people.

We invite everybody who loves this country and wants to see peace, harmony, and prosperity to join us, to bring whatever resource they can afford, material, intellectual, emotional or spiritual to help save the country from disaster and catastrophe. Let us refrain from complaining and apply this tested solution. CLICK HERE

We shall come to any organisation (community, trade union, political, commercial, faith-based, cultural, NGONPO, you name it) to engage the leaders in the powerful Soultalk programme that will build team spirit in your organisation (see details here).

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