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My Story

At the best of times, we go through deeply distressing and disturbing experiences and we often blame lack of the ability to cope with our circumstances.

The newest set of unpleasant experiences are associated with Covid19 and the lockdowns that come with it. More and more people are, going through anxiety depression or grief and find it difficult to cope.

How are we coping with all this? We of course have our different mechanisms for coping, some work but others not so well.

Lockdown impels families to live under one roof for longer periods. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Some families can cope by supporting one another. Yet there are those that, confined in one space, for extended periods, is a source of strain. A greater number of married couples, have suddenly discovered undesirable traits in each other’s behaviour, The discovery of such behaviour traits has the potential to cause frustration, often leading to anger. Anger, in its own turn, leads to either of two destructive outcomes. These two outcomes are violence and depression. Violence can lead to injury or death of the other partner, while depression often leads to suicide. 

Before frustration sets in, which is the step leading to the two potential killers, violence and depression, that is where I come in.

I come in to prevent a catastrophe.

Before I tell you how I come in, let me first introduce myself fully.

My name is Mike Muendane Most of what I do in my life is for people to be free and happy. To me, freedom means the ability to shape your own life, to master it, control it and find your own destiny.  In other words, it means to define yourself and not to be defined by other people.

I have spent the last 64 years doing mostly that. in various small and big ways.

That is because I just love people.

My father was a tailor, an independent businessman. The Apartheid regime did not like such people. They took him out of his home in Springs and ordered him to go work on the farms. That’s when our family problems began. We were forced onto the road to poverty. Father sent us to live in Evaton and he remained around Springs, squatting around and reaching out to his regular customers to get some clothes to mend to earn money, but did not get enough to feed his family with seven children, so we lived on hard maize porridge and black tea, without sugar most times. Sometimes we had nothing to eat the whole day. It was hard living, but Mom somehow kept us thinking positive, saying things such as there is no difference between a person who has just had hard maize porridge with tea and someone else who has just eaten curry and rice. Both their stomachs were full, she used to say. Her many such positive utterances, giving a positive meaning to situations, used to make sense to us and kept us happy and united, as a family.

Reflecting later in my life on these experiences with our mother, I established that despite physical suffering, such as starvation, keeping a positive outlook improves interpersonal and group relationships.

We all go through life, meeting challenges. Some of us can cope, while others cannot and they feel treated unfairly by life. Eventually people become conditioned to what they consistently feel. Our family suffering taught me what conditioning means, how to break out of it, a skill I continue to use in my life and the lives of those have coached.

Now back to my family. In time my father in rural Delmas, where he could visit his potential customers in Springs and come home to sleep every night. For us kids, moving to Delmas negatively affected our schooling because the nearest school around the place did not extend beyond Standard 4 and the school where we could continue beyond standard 4 was more than 30 kilometres away, so we could not even walk to school.

Consequently, my elder sister dropped off school after finishing Standard 4. Because we had spent more than three months before we could resume school at this farm school, much of what we had learnt in the previous grades, was deleted from our memories. It was a mission, to catch up with our studies.

I used to get all my arithmetic calculations wrong every day. At the time I did not realise that it was because of the long break from school. Getting my arithmetic wrong every day used to make me an object of ridicule in the eyes of everybody. Much later in life, as I reflected on this, my arithmetic incompetence, I discovered the cause, that’s because I had developed the skill of correcting my weakness in dealing with arithmetic problems. I still use that skill in overcoming many of my challenges, as well as helping other people to deal with theirs. I shall tell you more about that powerful skill and how to develop it.

After being forced to leave school at Standard 4, something mysterious happened, which I can now easily explain in terms of the law of attraction. I shall tell you more about the law of attraction in our engagements and how you can make it work for you too.

One day, soon after schools had closed for Christmas holidays, I was taking a walk along the dirt road near where we lived, and I entered the small forest, near the road, just exploring and, lo and behold, inside the forest was a cluster of huts that I never had imagined had existed in that quiet forest. Sitting there near the huts was another boy, slightly older than I was. I greeted him and before long, as if we had known each other for a long time, we started conversing. He suggested to me that he and I should go look for a school holiday job at a place about 40 kilometres away. When I told my mother about this and that finding a job will help me buy a bicycle that would use to go to school, she reluctantly agreed.

To cut a long story short, the following week my newly found friend and I got the jobs at adjacent semi-rural households.

Here was I, in 1956, at twelve years old, I had to leave home to work as a domestic worker and gardener, in order to be near a school and earn some money to buy a bicycle, schoolbooks and stationery. This was a great challenge for a little boy, but it was an opportunity to find ways to develop resilience and fortitude. I shall tell you how I pulled it off, in addition to overcoming the boredom of living alone, as a mere child, away from home.

I had negotiated with my employer, Mrs Nel, to allow me to attend school to come back after 2 p.m., and work in her house, and in the garden outside. I would finish tasks around 8 p.m. and go to sleep in the barn in a small baby cot in which I could not stretch my legs fully. 

Looking back today, I marvel at what I achieved, finding a job, finding a school for myself, enrolling myself without an adult assisting me, all that by a 12-year-old!

One step back, now. On Christmas day of that year, Mrs Nel required me to work and assist her and her grown children, who had come to spend Christmas day with her. I was so disappointed because up to that time, I had always spent Christmas Day with my family. I prepared a few things for them and while Mrs Nel’s family were concentrating on one another, I slipped out unnoticed and took a bee line to my home, looking forward to being warmly received with excitement by my family, especially because it had been a whole month since I had been with them.

Hardly had I entered the yard than I met my mother who was coming out of the house to pour out the dirty dish water. I started telling her how crazy my employer was, to demand that I work on Christmas day when her own family are visiting her, yet I must stay away from my own family. Of course, I was expecting sympathy and support from my mother for this great sentiment. To my utter shock and disappointment, mother calmly responded by asking whether I still wanted to go to school, to which I answered, yes.

” Now, if you are going to run away from work”, she added, how will you be able to go to school next year? Was it not your idea that you should find work so that you can earn money so you could attend school?”  She did not wait for the answer but went into the house and just as quickly, came out carrying a small plastic bag containing a piece of fried chicken, a couple of scones and a small bottle of squash. “This is what we are going to have for Christmas. Now just go back to your employer, so you can go to school next year”.

I was shattered to no end. Is this my true mother, I thought to myself? I got filled with rage, confusion and hate. Along the way back to my workplace, I threw out all the things mother had just given me, without touching any with my tongue. I just went through the maize fields, avoiding the road. “This is not my true mother”, I repeatedly thought to myself. I had never felt so distraught in my short life.

On my arrival back at Mrs Nel’s house, my employer, she was so happy and said that I should start washing the many dirty, fatty dishes in the basin. This was my worst day, I convinced myself then.

I never stopped to think about this day, when, to my mind, I was rejected by my own mother.

Several years down the line, without anybody directly advising me or counselling me, I found myself looking back on this day with happiness, pride and gratitude about what my mother had done. It turned out to be my best day to date, when I notice the worthwhile things I have done and still am doing in my life. As a matter of fact, to this day, I anchor my endeavours on the events of that day.

Fifty years afterwards, before she passed away, I told my mother how proud I was of her for what she had done for me by sending me back to work on that Christmas day. She then revealed to me that she had felt the pain of doing it but knew what she was doing and was glad that I came to recognise the good value of it. From what she said, I thought to myself, that if all parents were to have that kind of fortitude, to exercise tough love though it may pain them, we would have a better society. Over the more than 30 years since the incident, I had learnt to hang onto the meaning of it and built a formidable belief system that still directs me to date. I shall share in my engagements with you how that system can be built within an incredibly shorter time for you.

In just one day, my mother had set a firm stage for good character in me. That character started operating when I was able to find a school on my own, enrolled and registered myself in it and it all stemmed from that painful incident on Christmas day in 1957. I marvel at that to this day. Whenever I felt down in my many challenging activities, including my involvement in the liberation struggle, the experiences of that Christmas day have always lifted me up and inspired me. I shall show you how you can turn experiences such as this into elements of inspiration.

At an early age of just 12 years old, I worked away from home when most children were crying to be fed and were running around in the playing grounds. That takes resilience and fortitude of an unusual kind.

I learned how to use empowering language from my mother to manage my life and cope against many elements of life’s challenges.

Later in life, when I was researching for my life-coaching programme, I always reflect on this particular experience and I have discovered the power of reframing, which is giving comforting meaning to emotionally disturbing things. Throughout my life, this powerful coping skill has been affording me a sense of comfort, resilience and power to overcome and be unstoppable.

This coping technique has proven to be the most powerful coping technique in all spheres of my life; it taught me that we actually do not find painful emotions waiting for us; we create them ourselves inside. I have found an easy and realistic way in my seminars, for explaining how to deal with stress using reframing and helping people to find freedom from the pain that any circumstances can inflict on them.

Resilience and fortitude sustained me throughout my life after my first encounter with deep loneliness and overcoming it. I had to do caddy work at the golf course, worked as a garden boy, as they used to call us, sold oranges and sweets in trains, all to earn money to buy my own schoolbooks.

Sailing through all these experiences and managing to cope with life, made me to reflect a lot and later when I was researching on the Soultalk programme, I discovered how to generate the spirit of resilience within myself and also teach that technique to others. It is a well-known fact that the person that coaches others using his or her personal experience is more powerful than one that does it from just reading books.

My prolonged major test at coping with hardship and abuse came with my arrest for fighting against Apartheid, in 1963 and spending time on Robben Island prison, where I served the major part of my sentence. We went through starvation, verbal and various forms of physical and emotional abuse. Because I was a teenager, missing my parents, it was a major trauma in my life. If I had not decided to look for solutions to my mental state, I would surely have become mentally sick. The warders used to call me “mentel”, meaning mental case. If I had not decided to consciously look into myself, I would either have become a true mental case or would have died.

Back in the prison cell, every night, and having all the time to reflect and using my thoughts, I reflected a lot on my own behaviour and the behaviour of my fellow prisoners, both common criminals and political prisoners. Watching their behaviour, I noticed that among them were those who I perceived to be strong people, towers of strength, they were, and on the other hand there were many that appeared very weak in their demeanour. Thus, began the burst of my consciousness, which was to rise to the heights that it is now.

During the time that I was in prison, I made the most important discovery which was to change my experience of life and that of many other people that I have since engaged on my Soultalk programme and counting. That single discovery is about why people differ regarding their quality of life. Some people succeed and others not as much. This made me structure the Soultalk Programme, such that it became the powerful transformative tool that it has become, which has been proven repeatedly over close to 30 years that I have been applying it in different communities all over the country.

All that needs to be done now is to increase the number of people that would benefit from this programme, to the end of experiencing a complete self-discovery and defeat the dysfunctional mindset that is afflicting the country today.

My excitement about the opportunity I have, to invite you to this programme, relates to this discovery that I made in prison and now want to share with as many people as I can reach, so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

My experiences before I went to Robben Island, and those that I had in prison itself, taught me that there are uncertainties in life, and that factor calls for preparation about everything in life. Therefore, when I was thinking of getting married, for example, I also realised that the struggle was not over, and I was committed to pursue it.

I thought it wise to prepare my future wife for it and give her the choice of whether she would be prepared to get married to someone who might go back to jail, sent to the gallows to hang, or go into exile. I arranged a discussion with her on the issue and told her that I might be called by my organisation to further participate in struggle and when that happens, I told her, I would comply and any of these scenarios would prevail. I broached the question to her, as to whether she would sustain a marriage that had such risks. She did not hesitate to say that she would. That response set our marriage to last for 50 years and counting.

Many other people go into marriage still driven by the initial highs, only to find that the weeds start growing when the good seeds of love are planted. My wife and I have been practicing this kind of productive communication throughout the 50 years in our own marriage and I have also been sharing the skill with thousands of individuals, and producing amazing results, throughout the communities that I have had the privilege to engage on these issues. I am ready to share with you too on the Soultalk Club that I want to invite you to.

Touching on another example of personal transformation, people talk a lot about corruption these days because it is so rife.

These discussions on corruption remind me of an incident in Giyani, where I worked as a government employee, after leaving Robben Island. A businessman from Bushbuckridge came to thank me for facilitating the approval of his business licence. Apparently there were many other businessmen, like him, that had been waiting on tenterhooks for approval of their applications for business licences. I simply discovered that, for some reason, the head of the section, who was then on leave for a month, had deliberately been stalling in processing the applications. So happy was this man that his application had now been processed and approved, after a long time, that he wanted to show his gratitude by giving me some money. I thankfully refused to take the money, telling him that I was receiving a monthly salary for the work I was doing. My salary was R45 per month in 1971.

I made nothing of that incident, then, but now that there is a lot of talk about civil servants demanding and taking bribes from members of the public, particularly from business people, I have been reflecting deeply on the incident, I subsequently asked myself as to why I refused to take what I now clearly see was an intended bribe. In my reflection I have discovered something quite profound about corruption and its prevention; I have since integrated this powerful discovery into the Soultalk programme. You will love it when I tell about it.

Now for the fundamentals, talking about human behaviour is all but empty when one does not relate it to how the mind works because everything we do as human beings, begins in the mind.

During my exile years in London, I was trained in hypnotherapy by an outstanding hypnotherapist. Valerie Austen-Hall and, in my own turn, I later trained other people who became hypnotherapists themselves. In hypnotherapy one learns about how the mind works how the conscious and the subconscious mind work together to produce behaviour. This gave an indispensable boost to the application of the Soultalk programme because it shows the participants how to retain the information learned and apply it automatically, without effort to meet their goals and resolve their challenges.

In those days, I also interacted with people who were involved in spiritual exercises of different kinds, from the application of the law of attraction to mysticism.

I integrated all these experiences and knowledge into the development of the Soultalk programme, to design an  amazingly holistic transformational tool, as it covered all the four human dimensions from the physical to the spiritual. The transformation that the participants obtain is an all-round and total transformation, making people feel like a new human being, free from the pressures of outside forces, to becoming powerful and unstoppable.

On coming back home in South Africa from exile, I determined to start implementing it in earnest. My first target was schools, to build a new nation of dynamic people that would transform the dependent mindset into a self-reliant, creative and visionary mindset among our people.

When I discovered that the number of schools at the time was 35,000, I immediately realised what a tall order it was to aim to accomplish that momentous task.

What I can only describe as the law of attraction (more about how it works when you access the programme), landed me a weekly radio programme, hosted by Tim Modise on MetroFM. I started speaking to around 500,000 people every week. What a breakthrough, I thought. I did this programme without asking for payment for a whole 12 years.

What I did not know was that the things I was talking about, such as self-mastery, enriching relationships, financial independence, success method etc., did not make much sense to a great many people. Remember, in 1992 African people in South Africa were just on the verge of coming out of Apartheid rule, that had been subjecting them to the dependency syndrome which prevented them from believing that they could change their lives at will. They had no hope of ever being able to determine their own destiny, reaching their goals and becoming free of the force of circumstances on them. There was no hope.

I literally was the first person to speak that kind of liberating language to them. Over time, I started having a slow flow of comments but most of them were negating my narratives; however, I was able to address their reservations satisfactorily, until eventually, there was an avalanche of comments from listeners calling into the radio programme, telling how the programme was changing them for the better. My email inbox became active with testimonials extolling the virtues of the Soultalk messages.

I never gave up despite my realisation that people were sceptical. The principles I was teaching were working for me. For instance, there was a business that five oil companies, operating through their organisation, known as SABITA, were thinking of pursuing, to market bitumen. Bitumen, a by-product from refining petrol from crude oil. They had large stocks of it and wanted to get rid of it in large quantities by encouraging the government to buy it for road construction. I assured them that I had the ability to do their marketing for them. I was competing with a large, old and well-resourced marketing company, called Ogylvy Group. My message, powered by the Soultalk principles, was superior to theirs and I won the bid.

I had arrived back in South Africa in 1992 and just two years after having arrived I was able to obtain a house loan to buy a house in Sandton. This was a feat but thanks to the power of the law of attraction and my application of it, I was able to obtain the house in which I am still residing. Anyone can apply the law of attraction and I have shown many people in my Soultalk engagements how to do it. I had never gotten a government tender.

Because of the reputation that I was able to build and my effective performance in the struggle, I stood for Secretary General of the Pan Africanist Congress, I was unopposed. During my tenure, the organisation was in the news not less than 4 times a week and my arguments in parliament are still remembered with some admiration by those who were following the debates then. When my term ended, although I still had a chance to continue, I voluntarily stood down and graciously declined to stand again, to save the organisation.

The Soultalk principles are applicable in all roles anyone may be involved in. I applied them in my political activities, military involvement, diplomatic circles, , business, broadcasting, community work, coaching, communicating at all levels of endeavour most importantly in my social and married life.

There are today countless motivational speakers engaging meaningfully with people on various platforms, including social media because of that pioneering influence flowing from Soultalk.

Many young people, the so-called millennials, can stand for who they are today, claiming their identity, believing in themselves without the feeling of doubt and guilt that previous generations had.

Soultalk started enjoying endorsements from experts on psychology and psychiatry, such as the now retired Dean of Psychiatry at Medunsa, Prof. Solly Rataimane and other thought leaders such as Prof. Pitika Ntuli, Prof. Somadoda Fikeni of UNISA and Dr. Don Mattera, a notable author, poet and social activist.


For the last 26 years I have engaged with thousands of individuals, found in scores of community, professional and other groups in the country and they include Parents, Youth, Students., Workers, Leadership, Civil servants, Farmers the Police, Prisoners, Prison warders, Lecturers, Taxi owners and, Artists.

The onset of Covert19 and its accompanying lockdowns, restricting the number of people that can come together under one roof, as well as the requirements for social distancing, has made it difficult to run community-based seminars.

It has become necessary to find other options of engaging with groups of people for training and mass communication purposes. Digital platforms on the internet appear to be the only viable option to meet that purpose. But as it happens, this should have been the case even before Covid19. The reason for saying that is that more people all over the country can now be reached in real time, making it possible to arrive at the critical mass quicker. You and I can make it possible for that goal to be reached. The advantages are that I do not have to travel to you anymore, nor do you have to travel to the venue of the seminar. Sitting in the comfort of your home at any time you want, you can watch and participate in the virtual seminar right in the comfort of your home and at your own chosen time.

I have authored six books around issues of personal, organisational and social excellence.

In 2018, the University of South Africa gave me a unique award for the work I am doing, educating people to be able to cope with all kinds of challenges and find themselves and thrive individually and increase their power to reach the goals and excellence that they were created to have. How do I help transform the lives of people such that an institution like UNISA  gave me this award?

My seminars and books cover topics including Self-image, Self-management, Self-mastery, Interpersonal skills, Vision, Consistency for forming habits of excellence, defeating fear, understanding one’s own beliefs, Map of life, Overcoming the dependency syndrome, Dealing with various types of people, the good, the bad and the ugly, including the opposite sex, children, superiors, co-workers, subordinates, leaders.

Other areas of improvement include financial independence, healthy relationships, entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, successful selling, discovery of own weaknesses and strengths.

Other areas covered by my work are geared towards overcoming undesirables such as, blood pressure; the controlling force in every person’s life, the power of fear and how to overcome it without any effort, The power of the opinions of others’ about you and how to overcome it.

What do you have to do in order to take advantage of these life changing techniques and approaches to life? By joining the Soultalk Club, you will find access to all of these powerful mental, spiritual and emotional tools to change your life to what you want it to be. You can access them any time you want, every day. There is no stress, frustration, anxiety, fear or obstacle that will stand in your way after completion of the Soultalk Programme. The techniques you will receive are a result of over 50 years of research, application and testing. It is like a complete manual of life that you and I shall engage in and discuss because you will also have free and unlimited access to my personal coaching on any particular emotional or life challenge you meet in life, and I shall be sharing with you insights about those personal issues that will suit your personality and unique character

Why did I create this club? I created the club in order that I can reach the greatest number of people in the shortest time.

Like you, I was given life to make a difference. This is my own way of making a difference, helping transform the lives of as many people as possible, enhance their personal independence, personal power, self-mastery, personal peace, happiness, prosperity and help bring about any other change in their lives that they desire. That is why I offer my skills and services for free to community based people, as opposed to corporate based participants. Over 80% of the work that I do is free. As a member of the Soultalk Club, you only help to maintain the systems and platform of the club to enable me to engage with you. To that end you pay a once off registration amount, for life, which is for the maintenance and administration of your personal profile and the affairs of the club. Then there is a monthly subscription to cover the technical running of the digital and internet costs. That is it.

The boys and girls that design, run, and maintain the systems that enable me to engage with you must earn a living, I am afraid. Basically, you really pay for the technology for operating the system that enables me to engage with you and share the insights that carry the potential to enable you to reach incredible heights in transforming your life.

I am aware also that especially during these Covid times, many people may not have enough cash to provide themselves even with such a valuable and life sustaining service that will give them a lifetime asset to carry a better life for them. I have negotiated with these clever boys and girls, the digital gurus, to reduce their prices for your sake and the country. But because the capabilities you will acquire are an asset, paying for them is not an expense but an investment om yourself. 

Tell me, how else can you obtain and achieve the value contained in the attributes carried by the Soultalk Programme?  Fast forward, say, 5 years from now, where do you think you will find yourself in life?

 While you are mulling over this question, let me assure you that 3 months from now, after completing the programme, you will look thankfully at life for the improvement in mental consciousness, emotional and spiritual advancement you shall have achieved for joining the Soultalk Club now and having access in that period of just 3 months, to these life changing tools. Now compare 3 months of change and perceptible development to 5 years of uncertainty.  How do you account to yourself?  

Now that you know what you stand to get from this programme, how much do you think it is worth? How much would you pay to a consultant, a coach or a doctor for just one visit? How much is it to have a whole month’s access to a coach?

Before I surprise you with the information as to what the subscription amount is, let me ask you one last question. How much is a three-course meal at an average restaurant in one sitting? How much is a packet of cigarettes and how much would anybody pay for cigarettes over one month? Is it more than R200 for a meal at a restaurant, for cigarettes in a month, for your favourite drinks in a month? I think you would be right if you answered yes to this question.

For physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health which you can access through the Soultalk programme there is only a once off registration fee of R100.

Having registered, you only pay R190 per month subscription.

The R100 is for administration for life. R190 is for the technical systems that make the engagement possible.

Why do I ask you for less than R200 per month? As I told you, I just want to make a difference and leave a legacy. That is my mission. There is no need to ask a lot of money for that. Some of my friends think I am mad.

I also recognise, anyway, that because of Covid19 and its effects, money is not as easy to come by, as previously.

What will make me the happiest and most inspired man alive is to see more and more people getting inspired by the feeling that they are making a difference in the their own lives by the inspiration they obtain from their worthy lives, because they will be enjoying perseverance, fortitude, resilience, consistency, freedom, a deeper belief in themselves, standing for who they are in spite of what other people around them say, naturally taking responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviour. People like these are the true salt of the earth. Such people are the ones who will create the new normal envisaged after Covid19 and will therefore be the kinds of people the rest of society will look up to for guidance.

If you are ready to be such a person, don’t wait. Fill in the registration and enrolment form below here and submit it without delay, after which you will receive your password to start participating in this high level and fulfilling engagement as one of the members of a club of high-quality people.

 I love you.