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Soultalk invites you to send your leaders to a 1-day workshop on How to make Effective Leadership Team Spirit and Productivity a way of life:

A unique, powerful, spiritual and personal approach to organisational Team spirit and Competitiveness

“The most effective actions are those that carry personal motivation. Linking personal values with organisational values therefore guarantees that officials will feel that it is within their personal interest to pursue organisational objectives”. N.M Muendane

Competitiveness is the Health of Any Company.

Leadership, Team spirit, Productivity and Competitiveness are the concern of all companies and are a reflection of company health. Team spirit is of course the hub of all company activities. Productivity and competitiveness are not possible without it.

  • Quality of leadership is at the centre of Team spirit. Organisations therefore have to focus on improving the quality of leadership.
  • Quality of leadership is about the persona more than anything else.
  • The stronger the persona of a leader, the better is the quality of his or her leadership.

The Four Organisational Pillars.

Leaders need to know that there are four factors to work on for effective delivery. These are Structures, Systems, Skills and People’s Motivation.  To understand the relationship between these organisational pillars is the key to leadership success and effective delivery. Truly successful leaders need to make sure they can blend with the sequence that these factors are arranged in any organisation, in order for them to balance their efforts between them.

The leader should have a vision afforded by purposeful living and big picture thinking. A better leader also recognises the centrality of spirituality in the concentric relationship between body, mind, emotion and spirit. The good leader is an evolved soul who has learnt to manage his or her own energies keeping them in a state of dynamic vibration. The leader has a vision which as a result of the dynamism that he or she engenders in others enables them to achieve their objectives with ease.


  • Understanding the relationship between the four pillars of organisation and to blend with them for effective and sustained delivery.
  • Attaining self-mastery.
  • Learning about all the factors involved in self-knowledge and how self-knowledge automatically leads to self-mastery.
  • How self-mastery is instrumental in overcoming all kinds of corporate challenges.
  • How effective leadership is not possible without self-mastery.
  • Understanding human needs in their entirety and using them to lead staff and deliver to clients.
  • Understanding one’s true and higher purpose in life and how it impacts on literally every role that one plays in life, an understanding that restores balance and eliminates stress and negative attitudes towards others.
  • Learning about the true relationship between life, time and people, three ingredients that drive productivity and delivery.
  • Understanding the power of roles and their relationship to life’s purpose and goals, this ensures balance between work and private life.
  • How to merge personal values with work values.
  • Knowing one’s true threshold. This means knowing how much one can take of life’s challenges before reaching breaking point.
  • Learning the techniques for raising one’s threshold for greater personal power and overcoming any negative circumstances and challenges at home and at work.
  • The power of meaning and how attitudes are created so that the individual can avoid destructive attitudes and consciously create own desirable attitudes to produce constructive actions and therefore worthwhile outcomes. This aspect is important for those who want predictable levels of delivery.
  • How personal beliefs work and how to eliminate disempowering beliefs and consciously replace them with empowering beliefs and habituate them for guaranteed inner power.
  • The power of questions and how to differentiate between static and dynamic questions, in order to avoid the former, and achieve guaranteed peace of mind and clear thinking.


  • Leaders learn how to harness the energy of their groups.
  • Leaders learn how to build a personal leadership development and support plan.
  • Effective talent management and reduction of turnover levels.
  • Maximum personal contribution on the part of staff.
  • Placing leadership where it changes the world.
  • Fast tracking leadership development among staff members through unleashing the potential of people in organisations.
  • Acquisition of the understanding of personal energy and how it affects one’s emotional and professional life
·    Understanding the different mindsets that shape people’s thinking – develop an awareness of spiritual, emotional, cultural, gender, and generational thresholds
  • Leaders learn how to inspire others by managing their own energy
  • The evolution of an organisational culture where team spirit, creativity, and people centeredness are the norm.
  • Replacement of competition with cooperation among staff.
  • Eliminating the incidence of unspent budgets.

Who should attend

Anyone in a leadership position and exercises influence or power over others and who wants to improve the quality of their leadership should attend. The bonus is of course new insights gained which will be equally relevant to families, businesses, political organisations, community and society.

Objectives for the day: 

  • The day will open up dynamic contact with other leaders to share experiences
  • There will be an inspiration from other like-minded leaders who are eager and committed to bringing soul to work and exploring spiritual intelligence within organisations.

Qualifying candidates are:

Executive Directors

Chief Operating Officers

Chief Executive Officers

Managing Directors

Chief Directors,

HR Directors


Senior Managers

HR Managers

Leadership Development Managers


Legal Advisors


Anyone concerned with the transformation of the workplace.

“I know there are reservoirs of spiritual strength from which we human beings thoughtlessly cut ourselves off… I believe we shall someday be able to know enough about the source of power and the realm of the spirit to create something ourselves…” Henry Ford

About the Creator and Facilitator

Michael Muendane is a sought after speaker and Lifestyle coach. A former features editor of the Sowetan and now the spokesman for the Department of Culture, Sandile Memela said about Muendane that “…he is a prolific writer, philosopher, and thinker, cultural activist and motivational speaker.

Muendane has been studying the subject of human behaviour since his incarceration on Robben Island 40 years ago and continued doing so even during his years in exile in London where he also practiced and taught Hypnotherapy. He is the author of three books, ‘Discover Your Purpose, Destroy Failure’, ‘I am an African’ and ‘The Leader South Africa Never Had’.

He studied Industrial Psychology, Public Administration, Political Science and Economics through UNISA.

He created a radio programme on MetroFM which, for twelve years from 1993 to 2005, he used to advise listeners. In 1997 he produced and presented a TV programme called’ SWITCHED ON’ on SABC1, designed mainly for the youth. He is a regular contributor on radio and occasionally writes to papers such as the Business Day, City Press and Sowetan.

Muendane is a former MP in the South African parliament. He is now a business owner in his own right. He conducts training on programmes, including Team Building, Shared Values, Dispute resolution, Change Management and related topics. In addition to his business activities, he also does a great deal of community work with nurses, churches, schools, youth organisations, rehabilitating prisoners and working with warders, running programmes on self-mastery. He is passionate about what he does for people as he recognises it as his life purpose and feels it affords him the opportunity to learn and perfect himself.

He is presently writing more books that have a bearing on personal improvement. So popular are his books that the first edition of ‘Discover Your Purpose, Destroy Failure’ was sold out within six months after publication and is now on its second edition. 


The programme is designed for between 15 and 20 participants.

More than five participants from one company will attract a discount of 20%.

In addition, each participant will receive a FREE copy of the powerful book, ‘DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE, DESTROY FAILURE’

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