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How can this be true? “It’s just not my day”. Everyday is yours to shape before hand. When it has arrived you just have to accept it the way it is and begin to shape the next day for yourself. Any day is what it is to the individual because of the choices they made yesterday, so, that day, good or bad is yours and mine is mine in the same way. Let’s us avoid mental poisons that take away our God-given power.

Each of us is put at the cross roads where people pass, some require directions to happiness, which we must give willingly. We are also like farmers, each with a seed (an ability). Do we keep the seed in the bowl or plant it in good soil or throw it forgetfully on uncultivated soil? Let us reflect upon our gifts and positions and avoid passing thru this life without a sound

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  1. hello sir… i was listening to your enterview at RADIO SA and you won my heart to a point where i ran to your website…. big up and im looking forward to join you soon.

    kholo sekoto in Bolobedu Limpopo

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