Knowing how life is structured is key

to any kind of achievement.

The Three Areas of Life’s Activities

Soultalk covers human behaviour wherever people find themselves, at home, at work, community, sports, etc. It defines human activities in terms of within Life’s activities, which are structured within three areas. These are:

1.    What happens around every individual, which we call circumstances?

2.     The second area has reference to the individual, what he, she or it (organisation) does in response to those circumstances. In short, the response.

3.    The third area consists of the outcomes of the interaction between circumstances and response.

The outcomes are defined as the quality of life. Quality of life can be said to be high or low or somewhere between the two states. When quality of life is high, we define it as ‘happy and productive’; when low, we define it as ‘miserable and unproductive’.

The problem we face is that we often confuse circumstances with outcomes and therefore lose out on changing our quality of life because circumstances often appear so formidable that we feel weak, yet we carry the power  to overcome circumstances  and improve the quality of our life.

Because the quality of life is our actual experience (as we say, my life is good or bad), it preoccupies our minds as the worth carried by life. It must therefore concern us as to what is decisive in producing the outcomes, in the final analyses. In other words, between circumstances and our response, what has the power to shape our quality of life? We need to determine this because our common quest is the achievement of peace of mind. Mastery of life means that we have discovered where power lies, in the circumstances or in the response.

All the programmes that Soultalk offers, be it in training, coaching and facilitation, are based on answering the question, which of the two, circumstances and response, is decisive in producing the outcomes which become our quality of life. The correct answer, which Soultalk has discovered, is the key to the enjoyment of life, i.e., effectiveness, peace of mind (happiness) and prosperity.

Mind Expansion

All our programmes serve to expand the mind. People who participate in any of our programmes are helped to understand the true relationship between the three areas. This includes the understanding of the principles that govern the relationship. This understanding helps to expand the mind. The mind is further expanded by the knowledge and use of the techniques that apply to these principles, so that they work for the individual or team in any situation. The one word that applies to all this understanding is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Some of us enjoy a high level of consciousness yet some experience a low level of consciousness. This has nothing to do with intelligence or otherwise because some very intelligent people may actually have a low level of consciousness. The programmes of Soultalk have helped many people raise their levels of consciousness.

Soultalk is driven by the principles of the African Institute for Personal Excellence and Leadership and is designed to help expand the mind to reach its full potential, using simple techniques that can be mastered by anyone at any age in any country.

Soultalk Programmes are about People

There is everything for everybody, any organisation and any business. Soultalk’s programmes reach anywhere, where there are people who think, have feelings and have the desire to grow through inspiration. The many free reports and resources (click) that Soultalk offers carry great value in themselves and can be used to enhance the quality of life and raise levels of excellence.