Soultalk exists to meet the need of addressing challenges arising from the mindset socially engineered in the past and to advance personal responsibility for social peace and prosperity.

            The point of departure is the dynamic view that any organisation or nation is as good as its individuals. In changing mindsets, we therefore deal directly with individuals, in group formations an approach that guarantees genuine social change.

            Working through the corporate world, workshops with communities and on radio stations exploring solutions, our-within-organisation approach is the most effective in solving problems of mediocrity, low productivity lack of self-confidence, intolerance crime and violence. Soultalk programmes are designed to empower individuals as they are found in all kinds of organisational formations.

            The envisaged results are, inter alia, the development of proactive self-confident and have a high self-esteem.  Besides adding value to performance of their organisations and to the quality of life in their own families, beneficiaries also contribute to the creation of a stable and tolerant multi-cultural society, laying the basis for poverty elimination, progress and prosperity.

            Generating leadership skills is our speciality, ensuring that leaders chart the future for others in a richly creative and responsible way.                                       


Training Programmes:



Shared Values.

Conflict and dysfunctional behaviour in companies is invariably caused by divergent value positions among the staff or members in an organisation/company. We have a programme that engenders and generates a system of shared values, which has the effect of producing team spirit, effective management of change, good customer care and many related benefits.

Interpersonal thinking Skills.

Perhaps one of our greatest challenges is dealing with people, making them understand us and understanding them. This programme reveals the dynamics of interpersonal living at work and at home. It teaches the techniques for dealing with all kinds of people including difficult ones.

Leadership Skills.

Leaders must have vision to inspire their followers in the corporate world, politics, and education and literally in every other sphere of life. This leadership course has the power to unleash massive energy out of anyone wishing to leave a legacy.


Sales Training.

We are all sales people inside but we never realise it until we are landed with a sales job out of desperation. The course uses self-mastery principles to create super sales people.

Team building.

No organisation can succeed without team spirit. This programme creates team spirit within the individual. By internalising it becomes second nature and is sustainable. You don’t have to think about it; it just happens.

Management Enhancement Course.

Managers generally deal with situations as they find them. This course excites the imagination and brings out the best in the best managers and replaces mediocrity with excellence. It fuses leadership with management. Modern technology requires managers who are leaders as well. The principles of self-mastery are central to this training.

Customer Care.

South Africa has been ranked very low on customer care. This affects competitiveness, especially with the influx, through immigration of experienced foreign operators. We can’t allow them to take the bread out of our mouths. Customer care is an attribute they exists in all of us but certain forces within ourselves block it expression. The course releases the energy of customer care in us.

Career Coaching.

The past system restricted the horizons of many people, such that few imagine there are myriad carers to choose from. In this course people are taught to be dynamic so that they can generate many options for themselves to choose from.


We facilitate workshops and ‘BOSBERAAD’ to help produce effective programmes, schedules and strategic action plans.


PERSONAL: Business and self-improvement

Self-mastery Skills

Understanding the eternal and immutable principles of life to enhance personal effectiveness at work and in private life.


Includes: Finding personal purpose and mission in life; making high quality choices, emotional balance; increased personal potential; effective management of time and priorities; heightened self-esteem; confident self-expression

Small business Course and Entrepreneurial skills.

After the entrepreneurial skills course, small business management is probably the next logical step.


The paradigm of working for others is the strongest in South Africa. There is so much opportunity for self-employment but few see it or are only forced to explore self-employment after they lose their jobs. With so much job loses, there is a need to excite the existing entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. This is a guaranteed way to combat unemployment. This programme uses the principles of self-mastery to give people the confidence to ‘go for it’..


Because of the many challenges that workers and executives in companies face, it is not always possible for them to deal with them alone. We have the expertise to guide executives through the maze of challenges to guarantee effectiveness and growth in their work

Relationships Enhancement.

Relationship is all about self-mastery first. The principles that govern all kinds of relationships, romantic, work-mates, bosses and subordinates, parent child, siblings, friends, etc., are taught. Values, beliefs, modalities and rules are explained such that participants gain new hope about people they live and work with.


Lifestyles Training for Youth.

With lack of direction, the youth of this country are confused. Drugs, crime, materialism, and many things that inflict sadness in a parent are rife. They can however be removed through self-discovery. Results from this programme are quite exciting.

HIV/AIDS awareness and Management.


Effective prevention of HIV infection requires mental resources. This programme teaches values that help ordinary people appreciate the power of dynamic thinking. Equipped with that, they make high quality choices.

Participants’ Comments

  • I need a programme like this to be conducted at my school as well, for both my educators and my learners.
  • What a healing programme, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It was enjoyable. It motivated us as managers and widened our way of thinking. .
  • It has helped the managers to set goals and have a purpose and fulfil them, having confidence.
  • It activated my trapped potential within me.
  • The course has enabled me to make introspection about my paradigms and attitudes. .
  • It really developed in all angles, e.g., work, and home even spiritually.
  • The facilitator was so very clear about his subject. No hesitation has been noticed.

Some of the many organisations served by the programmes.


Soultalk has successfully presented the intervention programmes in different situations and the target groups are quite varied.
They include managers, civil servants, peace monitors, nurses, teachers, local authorities, entrepreneurs, the Metro, Police students and the youth in general. It is not unknown for this intervention programme to achieve results within one or three months. .


The greater the number of people that would be exposed to these programmes the greater the benefits to our society. At all events, no one going through any of the programmes ends up the same person.


Everyone goes away more self-aware, more enthusiastic and more optimistic about life, if nothing else. The thinking Skills element each of the programmes in particular serves as an underlay for the development of other skills; the individual must be well adjusted before they can succeed in any other skills, which is one of the aims of Soultalk.

Recorded Programmes

Some programmes come pre-recorded on CD’s, or Videos, DVD’s. The topics include, How to Find a Life Long Partner, How to Achieve Peace of Mind permanently, Choice, Power of Purpose, Goal Setting, The Controlling Force in Your Life, How to Prevent Depression, How to Prevent Stress, etc.


CD’s retail at R100.00

DVD’s retail at R200.00

Videos retail at R200.


The long awaited book, The Power of Purpose, How to Discover your Life’s Purpose and Achieve Effortless Success will be out at the end of April. This will be a limited edition. If you would like to reserve a copy, please contact us at 011 802 1161 or fax to the same number; you could also send us an e-mail with your reservation.


For arrangement to view or purchase the training programmes listed above here, please feel welcome to call us or contact us in the same way.