The History of the Soultalk IDEA.


Soultalk is a transformational programme that helps individuals to find themselves by raising their self-awareness and discovering their potential. People become more effective in life by learning about the principles that govern life and to motivate themselves, using the techniques that the Soultalk programmes designs and dispenses through various media. Soultalk teaches people to raise their self-awareness, to use the power of their minds to make changes they desire and achieve genuine success in every aspect of their lives.


Soultalk, as a transformational programme, began in 1993 in South Africa. Michael Muendane, the founder used to visit schools to give motivational talks to learners and educators. Muendane started the programme in 1972, when he had a weekly article in the NORTHERN STAR in what is now Limpopo province, where he offered Life Coaching to readers.

He continued in London, England, during his exile years, where he learnt hypnotherapy and subsequently taught it under the mentorship of Valerie Austen-Hall, who herself had been a student of the world renown hypnotherapist, Gil Boyne, the Director of the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles.
Radio helped expand the programmes.
Realising that covering all the schools in South Africa was a tall order, Muendane, on the invitation by Tim Modise took the opportunity to broadcast his transformational ideas on radio.

MetroFM under Koos Radebe and Tim Modise gave Muendane the break that he needed to spread ideas on personal excellence broadly among South Africans, who needed to rediscover their potential as human beings.

Muendane established that there was a spirit of self-hate, especially among Africans, which was preventing them from creating opportunities for personal growth, excellence and effective management of interpersonal relations for harmony at work in organisations and at home.
The weekly radio programmes on Metro FM are broadcast to date and the listenership has grown to millions spanning practically all ages. As early as in 1994, Muendane expanded his programmes to the communities through workshops and seminars.
Broadcast to over ten million people.
Besides Metro FM, Muendane has also broadcast on LesediFM as well as on Ukhozi FM, Umhlobo Wenene and several community radio stations, thus covering millions of listeners every week.
The birth of AIPEL.
The workshops and seminars that were held country-wide put new demands on Muendane’s campaign to transform the thinking habits of people who had been forced to see themselves as inferior and thereby disadvantaged themselves in various ways including Black on Black violence, including xenophobia. More people were needed to promote the spirit of self-love and interpersonal thinking skills. Muendane then established the African Institute for Personal Excellence and Leadership (AIPEL). Over thirty people, some of whom teachers, became the first trainees through the Institute and they continued training others in their
respective communities. Two of his trainees are themselves having a weekly programme on Thobela FM, an African language (SePedi) station.
Soultalk is now well established as a brand and is recognised as a powerful medium for the transformation of mindsets in South Africa.

The Soultalk Website.

The website of Soultalk rose in popularity in less than four months to over 40 000 visitors. It carries daily motivational messages, which are highly sought after. In addition, it carries information about events in various parts of the country and is refreshing reading.


Covering such a great number of enthusiastic purposeful surfers, the Soultalk website offers a unique opportunity for exposure for most businesses. The powerful and popular motivational messages can be linked to a sponsoring company name, while at the same time the website of the same company becomes accessible through the Soultalk website. As these messages change every day, a company can be assured of daily active exposure to powerful people, most of whom have expendable income and are purposeful about their lives and future.
Some of the areas covered by the Soultalk programme help the individual to attain the following benefits:

  •  Personal growth-Self-mastery
     Professional growth
     Problem-solving skills
     A broader behavioural repertoire
     Accepts and takes responsibility for own performance.
     Increases desire to learn new skills and adopt new empowering attitudes.
     Obtain knowledge on how to handle crises.
     Gain a clear understanding as to things to do to achieve success.
     Improves expressive and analytical skills.
     Develops and sustains vibrant enthusiasm.
     Improves on interpersonal skills.
     Replaces negative thinking habits with a positive mental orientation.
     Learns to relax and reduces stress, and tension at work and at home.
     Benefits from immediate practical action to improve the quality of life.
     Excels in performance, as they gain more self-awareness.
     Starts each day with a positive attitude.
     Develops a positive self-image.
     Improves on own creativity and decisiveness.
     Voluntary collaboration to ensure growth and profitability in organisations
     Improved quality of information.
     Improves on dynamic action and planning skills.
     Develops a desire to participate in new developments.
     Enhance morale and reduces tendency to procrastinate.


Other levels.

Besides listeners on Metro, FM, Community Radio stations and Umhlobo Wenene, the following activities create opportunities for advertising the website:
 Seminars for companies, to enhance their performance.
 Public seminars for youth
 Monthly seminars on relationships.
 Local freebies (newspapers)
 Soultalk Club membership.
 Teleseminars and webinars.
 A monthly newsletter