Our country is afflicted with materialism, where people focus most on material things as if they are eternal. That is the reason there is so much conflict and misery in relationships. When only material values are important to a person, people become less important to her; they are defined by material things. A good a good lover encourages spiritual values and monitors the emotions of the other, while filling her with useful information and knowledge to make her cope effectively with life. In this way the person begins to love herself. When she loves herself, she is able to love other people and gains self-confidence, which protects her from negative peer pressure.


In determining whether the lover is great or just good, we have to look at whether they only cater for material things or values or they cover all four dimensions of life. So we shall say a lover who caters only for material things is a weak lover. One who caters for the material and intellectual values of the other partner is a good lover. A lover who caters for the material, the intellectual and the emotional values of the other partner is an excellent lover. But a lover who caters for the material, the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual values, in other words, for all four dimensions is a truly great lover.