The Problem

Our country is going through serious moral, security and general social challenges. Our schools have been turned into killing fields; domestic violence fills every child and woman with terror, the country’s prisons are bursting at the seams and our streets are fast becoming no-go areas for the vulnerable, such as women, children and the weak. Even the strong are not immune these days; our beloved Lucky Dube is just one sorry example, among many, some of which are not featured in the media.

Several factors are responsible for causing the existence of miscreants who are responsible for this destabilisation, insecurity and social disorder. These factors are of course within our environment and include, family, school, peers, television but none stands out more than family upbringing as a determinant. Most of the perpetrators of the above ills are young people. Therefore, the question arises, how were they brought up? What did their parents say or failed to say to them?

Another worrying thing about our youth is that the incidence of suicide is escalating. All the above is an indication that our nation is fast losing its soul.

I am not about to accuse parents and other members of families of deliberate wrong doing in bringing up their young. No parent deliberately wants to bring up a criminal, social misfit or abuser.

We must acknowledge however that every child comes into this world with no values, beliefs or any kind of information about how to respond to the circumstances that precede him or her in this world. The greatest majority of children receive their values, beliefs and other kinds of vital information about life from their parents. Since everything that  individuals do in life begins in the mind and the first rule of the mind is that it cannot work without information and works only with the information it has, it follows that we build our foundation of information resources with what we obtain from our parents in our  infancy. We then go on receiving the bulk of our building blocks from the same parents. Although we wander away from time to time as we grow up, we continue to keep in touch with family.

Approaches I have used.

I have been doing pro bono work on radio and in communities, including prisons, as a life coach. In the process of these engagements, I gleaned into very useful insights, especially in my work in prisons. This has placed me in good stead, such that I was able to design a relevant programme in respect of parenting.

At Constitution Hill, where I engage young people once a month, I discovered that it would be a better approach to engage parents rather than focus only upon their young. Parents have the responsibility of not only providing the young with their working information, as it were, but they also serve as their navigators throughout their young lives. The parents’ programme will equip them with the means and techniques for navigating their children from day one until they are old enough to be out of the danger of going wayward.

The Assistance I seek.

As I explained on the phone to your enthusiastic response, I request you to assist this crusade by helping bring parents and prospective parents round to attending the envisaged seminars and workshops by placing a free advert in your newspaper and your sister newspapers inviting parents to attend the parenting programmes at the Constitution Hill and other places I have identified all over the country. My telephone conversation with you today convinced me that you are eager to do something on these lines, since you are already involved in other initiatives in the same direction. 

Needless to say, if we do nothing now, in twenty years time, we shall still be where we are or worse but if we do something now, in five years time, or less, we shall be well on our way towards being a proud nation. The trick is for each one of us to do our bit.

I have prepared a draft announcement (advert) to be placed by you in your paper (see below) I am sure you will find this in order.

I am confident that you will join us in this desperate but promising crusade to rid our country of the increasing levels of decay and moral decadence.

Yours Sincerely,

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